Argentium silver was invented by Peter Jones a master silversmith, at Middlesex University in London with the aim of eliminating firestain on sterling silver. To do this he replaced some of the additional material in sterling silver with germanium. As well eliminating fire stain it also gave Argentium some additional properties over sterling silver.

The properties attributed to Argentium are:-
          No firestain,
          Tarnish resistant,
          Whiter than sterling,
          Fusible ( possible to join without the use of solder ),
          Can be hardened by heat treatment.

Argentium is available in two grades 935 and 960.
Argentium 935 contains 93.5% silver and is hallmarked as sterling silver.
Argentium 960 contains 96% silver and is hallmarked as Britannia silver
For the various hallmark symbols, their meaning or what a hallmark looks like refer to my hallmark page or to an assay office.
Argentium is a registered trade mark of Argentium International Ltd.